Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Inc.

Gamma Phi Delta Sorority Founders' Day Commemoration

In February of nineteen hundred and forty-three,
Soror Elizabeth A. Garner’s dream became a reality.
With Soror Violet T. Lewis giving support and aid,
The foundation of Gamma Phi Delta Sorority was laid.
The Lewis Business College was the place of birth,
In Detroit, Michigan the city and state of great girth.
Twenty-six women united, and the web was spun,
And Alpha Chapter became number one.
That same year in March the sorority began to move,
Our pin, song, poem and colors they did approve.
In July, the Articles of Incorporation, they did file,
Gamma Phi Delta was on the move; they had gone the first mile.
Now any organization of worth has growing pains,
But the interest and dream they had did not wane.

For our Founders had faith and determination on their side,
Their organizational knowledge was used as their guide.
August of nineteen forty-three, a nonprofit corporation we became,
And the first Board of Directors was chartered in our name.

The programs and ideas continued to grow,
In nineteen forty-four, they held the first Artist of Tomorrow show.

Under Soror Elizabeth Garner’s skillful and guiding hands,
The nineteen forty-six Gamma Phi Delta Boule was planned.
From one chapter to several, we continued to grow,
And Gamma Phi Delta’s name was beginning to flow.

In nineteen forty-eight Soror Beatrice Preston was elected Supreme,
And she helped carry out our founders dream.
In the next seven years much was achieved,
The Northern, Far West, Eastern and Mid-West Regions were conceived.

The official publication, The National Recorder they did launch,
Our move gained momentum, we were becoming staunch.
And our fraternal brothers, Nu Phi Beta did organize,
Yes, we were moving, we were on the rise.
Dr. Marie Rivers was elected Supreme in Nineteen Fifty-five,
They all knew by then Gamma Phi Delta would survive.
During the next five years there was much, much growth,
The Southern Region was added and given their oath.
Under Dr. Rivers guiding hands there were several first,
The Executive Board, and an International Chapter was nursed.
The official publication was renamed and the Board did revive,
National scholarships and Phi-Teens she did contrive.
By nineteen sixty we were well on our way,
Our message to others we were beginning to convey.
With Soror Kay Davis as Supreme our chapters grew,
Initiating new programs and plans for a sorority headquarters too.
Her eight years in office were colorful for sure,
Soror Davis administration initiated the post Boule tour.
She felt deserving sorors should receive an award,
For over the years some had worked very hard.
So she programmed personalities and made awards at Boule,
Call on many members their talents to display.
During her term of office both Founders did die,
Their memory and hard work, we’ll forever magnify.
In nineteen sixty-eight, Luthermae E. Adams came on the scene,
For the next nine years she served as our Supreme,
She not only strengthened the foundation as such,
But she added new programs with her organizational touch.
The Youth Auxiliary was elevated to new heights,
The Sorority Headquarters purchase she did underwrite.
Quad States Region joined our sorority band,
And to six regions we did expand.
She instituted associate memberships, corporate structure did revamp.
The male and female auxiliaries added strength and fuel to our lamp.
Many changes were made that has made us great,
For this our Founders and leaders we will forever commemorate.
In Seventy-six and seventy-seven, sadness came into our midst,
For Soror’s Preston and Adams no longer did exist.
They answered the masters call and from earth did depart,
Having served us well, they both were dear to our heart.
With their memory and work so fresh in our mind,
Dr Catherine Bozeman became Supreme, another one of a kind.
She followed the footsteps our Founders trod,
She knew to be successful on our side we needed God.
Her plans were many for she was a dreamer too,
With her knowledge and devotion she saw us thru.
Giving her understanding and support, our flame did glow,
She made us even greater, we did grow and grow.
In nineteen eighty-six, Willie B. Kennedy was elected our Supreme,
Under oath she promised to continue the dream.
Without wasting time she was on the move,
Many ideas and programs the membership did approve.
She knew without change the sorority would not grow,
And the news about the Sorority would cease to flow.
So under her leadership and guiding hand,
With the Board of Directors and membership we began to plan.
For to stay strong and functional we had to grow,
This much to our Founders we did owe.
A five-point program we did institute,
All Chapters and Regions were required to execute.
The Administrative Board she did revive,
Giving chapters fuel to keep them alive.
Organizing Under Graduate chapters was high on the list,
In which Chapters and Organizers did assist.
The parking lot adjacent to the headquarters we did beautify,
Giving our Sorors parking in greater supply.
The forty-year membership pin Soror Alva Young did create,
Our many women of achievement we congratulate.
The Heritage Tiles Soror Dorothy Hill did design,
On a wall in the headquarters we did enshrine.
The wearing of our colors, pink and blue,
Gives us recognition that was long overdue.
Our contribution to the United Negro College Fund was recognized,
Under the leadership of Dr Bozeman the donation was organized.
Membership in the National Council of Negro Women continued to grow,
Upon Gamma Phi Delta accolades they did bestow.
A joint Founders day breakfast Northern region did approve,
Making it an exceptional and exciting move.
For it gave Sorors a true sense of sisterhood.
Using part of the profits to improve the headquarters was understood.
In nineteen ninety-two Frances Jarrett became Supreme number eight.
For the fiftieth anniversary we thank her and congratulate,
The success and growth of Gamma Phi Delta was in her hands
Gamma Phi Delta under her reign did expand.
Soror Jarrett was on the move,
For there were things she vowed to improve.
The headquarters renovation she did complete,
Including a lighted neon sign, what a feat.
The parking lot was secured with a gated fence,
Which protected the Sorors and our residence.
She installed and dedicated the W.B. Kennedy Heritage Hall,
Yes she was beginning to stand very tall.
The Golden Heritage Cook Book was published and sold,
The design of the National Headquarters postcard was a sight to behold.
The Dr. Bozeman Library was enhanced for sure,
So the library for archives would long endure.
In 1996 Patricia Daniels was elected Supreme number nine,
We knew from the moment elected that she would shine.
She was busy as a beaver getting her programs in place,
She instituted SMART and the MEEPS program did embrace.
With her leadership we participated in the National Make A Difference Day.
Many new programs was established, she sure didn’t play.
She added honorary members to our roll,
Giving us a national link was her goal.
Yes the little dynamo was flying high,
Membership and education she did fortify.
Outreach and communication was important to her,
On this our membership did concur.
The workshops on leadership was high on her list,
Making sure all officers attended, she did insist.
A paper person she proved to be,
Which was good for chapters and you and me.
She promoted growth and unity, which she made clear,
Was one of the things she held so dear.
In the year 2000, Bessye Long was elected Supreme number ten,
Chairing her first board Meeting she did began.
With her vast experience we continued to move ahead,
Our history and growth was in good hands, no need to be afraid.
She appointed a committee to review the constitution and by-laws,
To check past adopted minutes, looking for omissions and flaws.
She enhanced the programs that were on our books,
Which give all chapters and regions a greater outlook.
The Board of Trustees was reorganized,
Three new members were added and authorized.
A Librarian was appointed for the library to expand,
Making the Headquarters Library better was the ultimate command.
Bessye challenged chapters and regions to work toward growth,
It was badly needed, and in keeping with our oath.
An inactive member survey she did advance,
Giving all the chapters a chance their growth to enhance.
The youth Auxiliaries were decreasing fast,
Which was not in keeping with the past.
Chapters then were anxious to have youth groups,
They added glamour and meaning to all our troops.
She made scholarships a high priority on her list,
Chapters must get serious this she did insist.
Don’t be satisfied giving a few hundred dollars,
Think of how we can help the young to become scholars
Patricia Daniels our eleventh Supreme,
Is still carrying out the Founders dream,
She moved ahead with zest and steam,
Establishing programs with a dynamic team.
She’s showed us before she’s a little dynamo,
That she’s for real and not just show.
Gamma Phi Delta should let nothing die,
For Patricia believes in reaching for the sky.
She picked up her programs where she left off before
Not only those but she’s added more,
She will never let sleeping dogs lie,
Being idle and lazy she will greatly defy.
Onward and upward we now must move,
For we have a lot of growth and programs to improve.
With eager and avid people steering the boat,
I know for a fact we’ll remain afloat.
To our active and deceased Pearls we owe so much,
For making our sorority renown, with their professional touch.
Yes, Our Founders, Supremes and Pearls we hold in high esteem,
For their foresight, leadership and fulfilled dreams.
So as we pause to give thanks to our illustrious past,
May we see that our heritage will forever last.
And may we ever look-up, reach-up, move-up in Gamma Phi Delta’s name,
Keeping peace and harmony our motto-refinement and culture our aim.
Written in 1974
Revised in 2008
 Soror Willie B. Kennedy, Ph. D