Synopsis of the name change from
"Phi Gamma Delta" to "Gamma Phi Delta"

The name change occurred circa 1945-1947: A law suit was filed against Phi Gamma Delta Sorority by Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity for illegal use of the name. Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, a Caucasian fraternal group, founded over 100 years prior to the founding of Phi Gamma Delta Sorority, filed a law suit against Phi Gamma Delta Sorority to cease and to desist the use of the name.

PGD Sorority’s legal counsel researched and discovered that PGD Fraternity had not applied and received a copyright for the use of Phi Gamma Delta. However, Phi Gamma Sorority had filed and received a copyright for the use of the name of Phi Gamma Delta.

The fraternal organization was comprised of wealthy and very powerful men i.e., United States presidents, senators, congressmen, and extremely, extremely wealthy men.

PGDs legal counsel advised the sorority executive body that legally PGD sorority was entitled to the use of the name, because the sorority has a copyright for the name. However, the legal counsel advised the sorority would be engaged in a very long and very costly legal battle. The wisdom of the executive board of PGD Sorority was to settle the case and accept the financial offer of PGD Fraternity of $10,000.00 cash, pay the cost of replacing all sorority pins, reprinting all sorority handbooks, constitutions, stationery, etc., paying the incorporating cost for the new name PGD Sorority would select, pay copyright cost for the new name, and pay all Sorority legal costs. Needless to say, PGD Sorority was not financially able to engage in a long legal battle. Consequently PGD Sorority accepted the offer from the fraternity, and voted upon the name of Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, and the rest is history.